6-Figure Transformation for Real Estate Professionals

Make $30k-$60k Commission Months Inevitable!

I’m excited that you’re called to get off the emotional roller coaster of real estate sales, release the obligation of “do-do-do” lead generation and marketing, and instead fill your database with “next level” clients… with the help of the Commission Scaling Model for Real Estate Professionals! 

The program 6 - Figure Transformation for Real Estate Professionals transitions you into a possibility paradigm, where you’ll scale your commission to consistent $30k-$60k months. 

Receive the Commission Scaling Model that works with the 3 Core Principles: Highest Level Frequency; Highest Level Marketing; and Highest Level Income and get off the “Hustle and Grind” train - for good… 

freeing up your time to deliver “inner transformation” for your clients all while simultaneously creating “high demand” for your real estate services and expertise.

If you’re wanting to SCALE your real estate business to consistent $30k-$60k months, but you’re finding it harder to cut through income and time ceilings… you'll have access to unique-to-you guidance that is ALWAYS available – without resistance or interference.

The result?


…all on demand!

The Millionaire Money Codes - YOUR HIGHEST LEVEL FREQUENCY - once activated, are the most potent energies that empower Real Estate Leaders to scale with ease: energies of Truth and Wisdom.

You can use the Millionaire Money Codes to quickly clear away stubborn habits and illusions, releasing the old ways of "doing" real estate.

HIGHEST LEVEL MARKETING that is positioned to deliver insights and breakthroughs to the right clients - a result that creates huge demand to work with you. 


Instead of spending tons of time, money, and energy on things like “cookie cutter” social media posts, phoning leads (with fake names), ads, lead gen sites (that cost upwards of $20 per lead!), open houses, and being used for free online market evaluations from people who already have a realtor…

… you’ll receive more commissions and premium clients - who want to buy and sell real estate - using branding, emails and social media posts that differentiate you from everyone else.

When you get it all going your Golden Database expands… YOUR HIGHEST LEVEL INCOME gains momentum - the “sweet spot” of your real estate business - where you manifest commissions effortlessly with a steady stream of repeat and referral business from premium clients you love to work with!

Pretty darned sweet…

Imagine having 65% of the clients who did one real estate purchase or sale with you… go on to refer you and do repeat business with you…

It wouldn’t take many of those ultra-premium clients to scale to $75k-$100k/month and beyond… with most of that commission going right into your bank account in the form of pure profit.

Most real estate coaches, owners, brokers, and team leaders fail when it comes to helping Real Estate Professionals create a VISION that truly scales their business.

But with the 6 - Figure Transformation Program you receive the right instruction, business strategies, and energetic integrations to escalate you to consistent $30k-$60k commission months.

Imagine being able to…

  • Instantly break free of your “old money story” releasing thoughts around lack of money and scarcity…

  • Step into your “new money bandwidth”, receiving more commission with ease, by plugging into the energetic field of infinite business opportunities…

  • Magnetize premium clients to you because you've discovered your unique “purpose and mission” in real estate. Wielding true power from a Mission Statement and Brand Awareness that let's your energy speak before you do...

  • Collapse time to fast-track and actualize the amount of money and the premium clients you desire, without having to “crush” a goal, saying goodbye to the “old way” of trading time for money...

All of this is possible… regardless of how the real estate market is doing!

***Here’s How The Program Works… (when/ where/ what you get)***

Your program officially begins February 12th. 

Your program is self-paced and online that can be completed in 30 days. The goal is for you to add your first 100 potential clients to your database through the “Ideal Client” Lead Generation system.

You’ll learn why people actually DON’T buy from who they know, like and trust.

And there’s a lot of ENERGETICS at play here…

You’ll receive the Millionaire Money Codes that are specific to MISSION & CLARITY where you’ll learn their location, their unique frequency plus HIGH FREQUENCY meditations, journaling exercises, energetic transmissions, and activations that calibrate you to the energy of a 7-Figure Legacy Business.

You’ll receive energetic elements that make your Brand potent and unique, attracting premium clients to you without you doing the “heavy lifting” - 90% being your energy and 10% being the “take action” part. 

There is a high-level energy exchange that creates an optimum client relationship… 

… and that’s why you’ll receive HIGHER GUIDANCE methods so you don’t need to second guess if a potential client is a “perfect-match” for you. 

My vision is for you to receive consistent $30k-$60k+ commission months as quickly as possible, with a minimum of 100 new potential clients consistently being added to your database - month after month.

AND THIS IS WHY YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE THIS... My “Flip Messaging” content strategy where you identify your potential client’s real estate pains and symptoms leading them through a process where they gain a DEEP AWARENESS and BREAKTHROUGH which creates demand for your real estate services and expertise.

Next, you’ll plug that content into a Weekly Planner for efficiency where you can easily track your success - meaning more time for you.

You’ll get everything you need to make real estate deals in short order and that’s why you’ll receive the Real Estate Money Map and Spreadsheet to celebrate your real estate commissions!

Plus you’ll get 11 Business Strategies that uplevel your Wealth Consciousness and exponentiate new ways to receive money.

***Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers***

Will this work for me?

Sooo glad you asked!

I scaled my real estate business to $1M+, but I had a TON OF EXPENSES - meaning I did things the hard way with the hustle and grind mindset. 

What I learned is that when you let go of OVERWORKING, OVERDOING, OVERTHINKING, AND OVERGIVING…

… You actually RECEIVE more money - money that you keep and that’s why I am EXCITED to share this program with you - so you add zeros to your bank account.

This program is designed for Real Estate Professionals who already have a track record of results. You must be committed to making that next income leap.

Will you help me get leads?

100% YES. That’s exactly what we’re up to in 6 - Figure Transformation. You’ll receive 30 ways to grow your database with 100 new potential clients each month.

PLUS you’ll receive a B2B (business to business) referral template to call in an EXTRA 100 potential clients whenever you choose to do so.

Does that mean I will do the work for you or personally mentoring you in this program? No, however you’ll receive the methods of how to do it on your own that makes it even more special - creating the commissions you require on demand.

What’s the investment?

A lead generation system to add 100 potential clients each month without spending money to get them or time calling “cold leads”, for the right person.

Using the COMMISSION SCALING MODEL that connected me with premium clients and gave me 20+ hours of my life back, every single week.

With that said… I have a MISSION to help 1000+ Real Estate Professionals - who are experts and leaders - make multi-six-figures in PROFIT. So I’m inspired to make this an easy “YES” for you!

If you enroll now, I’m giving you a significant savings of $2500 OFF the regular investment of $6k. PLUS you can take advantage of my generous Pay-As-You-Make-Commission Plan.

You’ll get started with a single payment of $699, followed by 5 additional monthly payments of $699. With that, you’re more than covered with the commissions you'll make each month.

Want some CRAZY good savings? I’ll give you 40% OFF when you pay the whole thing upfront for $3500.

Guarantee / refunds?

Having a program that fills your database with 100 potential clients each month can radically change how you see yourself and what you think is possible.

There is NOTHING like having a premium client provide you with $8k-$10k-$12k in commissions - and then have them refer to you.

$30k in commissions in 30 days is right there for you - when you make decisions along the way and show up for YOUR breakthrough.

I pour into my clients, and I’m handing you the core principles to WIN. That’s why no refunds are given for any reason. 

I wouldn’t be ME if I didn’t include a BONUS…!

BONUS #1: FREE COPY of The 22 Millionaire Money Codes - Create a 7 - Figure Legacy Business for Real Estate Professionals

BONUS #2: Introduction to ALL 22 Millionaire Money Codes including an Energetic Attunement that recalibrates your nervous system and re-energizes you.

BONUS #3: Reconnect With Past Clients - how to re-engage with an old email list or database you haven’t stayed in touch with.

BONUS #4: Create A Wealth Workspace. Bring Magic & Alchemy into your real estate business. You’ll receive a Manifestation Process to activate your desk and office to receive even more premium clients and commissions.

How do I sign up?

Go to the BUY NOW button on this page. Select the payment option that’s best for you.

Your 6-Figure Transformation starts the moment you say YES and pay!

Excited for the possibilities for you!


P.S. The 40% OFF full-pay savings (and 30% off payment plan) are good until February 12th. After that, you’re welcome to sign up later for the $6000 pay-in-full. Cheers to your success!

6 - Figure Transformation
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