Empire Builder

1:1 mentorship for those who have already created a 6+ figure business and want to amplify that to 7 figures.

Right now...

You're making good money ($10-30k/month), but you know you are meant to make incredible money (100k.month) and don't know how to get there.

You're feeling frustrated that you have worked hard to get to 6 figures and even though you're working even harder now, you just can't expand into high 6 figures or 7 figures.

You see others collapse time and make in a month what they used to make in a year and want to master that too.

We will move you from:

* being unclear about how to scale your business easily to knowing the exact moves to take to make it happen.
* feeling confused as to why things aren't working the way they used to in the past by amplifying your superpowers and making them work for you.
* questioning whether you can truly collapse time and upgrade your energy to make your annual income in 12 weeks or less.

This is an intimate 1:1 space for 6+ figure business owners and entrepreneurs that want to know *exactly* what shifts to make to catapult their business to 7 figures - ASAP.

I have done this in my own business. The goal is always to find the easiest, most enjoyable path so that expansion feels incredible and something you can do over and over again.

  • We meet over 3 virtual sessions beginning right away and spaced one week apart.
  • You receive daily Voxer support from me to keep the momentum going and to clear any blocks that are capping your income for 30 days.
  • You receive 30 days of e-coaching from me to review and tweak any business plans, offers, pricing, or marketing material and content so that it's fully optimized for dream clients to find you and pay you.

Specifically, I'm going to help you:
- identify where you have money microleaks and how to plug them quicky and easily.
- see where you are leaving money on the table and how to call it in effortlessly.

If you feel capped in your income and are ready to catapult into 6 figure months, in the best way, it's time to build your empire.

About Connie:

She's an intuitive business alchemist, 2x best selling author of 22 Millionaire Money Codes and founder of Purpose Driven Millionaire - *A Purpose Driven, Mission Centered Coaching Business*.

Recently, she left a 17 year career as a real estate professional where she led the #1 RE/MAX Team in her city earning over $1M in yearly gross commissions. 

Her mission is to help entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners that want to exponentiate their income by mastering the energetics of money and relationships so they can allow in millions to fuel the spread of their special gifts through their businesses.

When she is not providing high level strategic guidance to entrepreneurs and leaders, she is enjoying exploring her new home in Portugal.

Empire Builder